"Amazing! We took advantage of your promotional offer and didn't expect much, but we were completely blown away by how extremely professional you were before, during and after the wedding and how amazing the photos came out! Truly exceeded all of our expectations and we would definately recommend you!"

Albert W


Wedding Photography & Cinematography Made Easy

We get it - wedding planning can be stressful. But we make it easy with our easy 4 step process!

01. Coffee & Chat

Everyone loves coffee - let's grab one and chat about everything you envision for your big day! Building that rapport is so important, so let's get a headstart!

02. Reserve your Day

Now that we've had an opportunity to chat, reserve your big day by reviewing an official contract and placing a deposit.

03. Free Planning Session

In this session, we review your wedding day itinerary in detail and plan together to make sure everything looks right from a timing perspective for photo/video.

04. Your Big Day

This is the fun part! Enjoy your big day as we capture your memories just the way you envisioned!

Why invest in Element Fusion?

We'll give you 5 great reasons you should join hundreds of happy couples and have us shoot your big day! But don't just take our word for it! Make sure you visit the customer testimonials page to see what our actual couples thought of our services, start to finish!


1. We love what we do!

We do what we do because we love doing it - it's as simple as that! Whatever the occasion, we love taking pictures and video, and we love telling your story doing it! You have to love what you do for it to reflect in your work, and we're proud of it. Whether sitting down with a couple to review the itinerary for their upcoming (and amazing!) wedding, or going out with a family to do a photoshoot, we really really love what we do, and it shows! We spend hours and hours not only shooting events, but post processing or editing your photos and video after the event, and it's so much fun to work on the final product! We focus on building lasting relationships that help make the event go smoother, easier and care-free, and to be honest, many of our clients and us end up being great friends!

"Wow! Ankur, thank you so much to you and Chris for capturing everything we'd imagined you would...and more! Sean and I have never done this before so we didn't know what to expect, but you guys really exceeded both our expectations and you were such a pleasure to work with! You guys really made it easy for us to sit back and relax!."
Larissa P

2. You'll have fun!

If you talk to any of our previous clients and friends, they'll all tell you the same thing - "We had fun!". After all, that's what a photoshoot is supposed to be, whether it's your big wedding day that you've been planning for like...forever, or it's a photoshoot with your baby or family, you'll have a blast with us! We always do our best to make sure that everything comes naturally, and there's a ton of smiles and laughter to go around. Gone are the days where a photographer posed you for every single shot and you simply complied - we don't do that. We build relationships and friendships because we have fun with you, shooting for you. But don't take our word for it - read our customer testimonials page to see actual quotes from some of our previous clients who we ended up being really great friends with!

KATELYN + NICK (1022 of 3097)
"I felt very comfortable with Ankur - he was so funny and so relaxed that it naturally made me feel more relaxed. As a bride, that's really important to me as I'm sure it would be to others - I don't want to worry about things, I just want to enjoy my day and that's exactly what I got to do. Ankur not only made my husband and I laugh the entire time but we've heard nothing but good things from our wedding party as well. We're really happy we hired Element Fusion Studios - we love all of our photos and they bring back memories! Thanks again Ankur!"
Samantha M

3. We've got over 20 years of experience!

We've been in the industry for 20 years and that says a lot - because we've seen a lot! We'll give you tips and tricks to ensure your event goes smoothly, and we'll do what we can to help you because we've seen it. Being in business for so long has its advantages, and we pass that on to you with our expert advice and knowledge and more importantly, the experience to make sure everything's turns out how you wanted it to! That's where we come in - having DJ'd, photographed and videotaped 100's of weddings in the past 20 years, we bring you real event experience and help you with your big day with tips, tricks, and advice from the professionals.

"Within the first few minutes of meeting Ankur from Element Fusion Studios, my fiance and I knew we would be in for a good time at our e-shoot. Ankur personalizes the photography process with his great sense of humour and a commitment to beautifull-captured shots. We thoroughly Enjoyed him and absolutely love the photos from the shoot."
Tonya C

4. We offer flexible and customized packages

We know that purchasing that ring to propose, planning the perfect wedding or even welcoming your new born is costly, and we'll always do what we can to help. That's why we have "ready-to-go" packages, but emphasize that all packages can be customized for you to suit your needs. Whether we're mixing and matching different components from different packages, or we're finding the perfect a la carte options to throw in for you, we'll always do our best to ensure your package is exactly what you envisioned! If you like the simplicity of just choosing a ready to go package, we're absolutely OK with that and we'll make sure to go over the details with you to make sure your package contains everything you need it to.

"Wow. Seriously great job on the highlights video man, we are crying now we just watched it. Thank you so much for capturing the happiness we felt on our wedding day, we know we will cherish this video and the photos for the rest of our lives. Thank you Element Fusion Studios, for doing what you do best"
Pedro G

5. We provide you with professional service you can trust

Don't just settle for an amateur "everyday photographer" who has no experience with the intricate details of weddings or other life events. Sure, the industry is saturated with photographers and cinematographers, but your wedding or other special life event shouldn't be in the hands of an individual who is experimenting and learning, who could possibly ruin the event. We've heard many horror stories of "I wish I hired a professional", "My photographer lost our pictures" or even worse, "My photographer never showed up". We pride ourselves heavily on being professionals in the industry, and we want you to be rest assured when you invest in our services, that you're receiving professional, sound advice with a service and product you can depend on. We're a fully registered company with commercial liability insurance which offers you peace of mind. Every single event is booked with a contract in place and we always meet with you before your event or photoshoot to go through your itinerary, details or ideas. We take your life event seriously and as if it were our own.

Our only regret was not finding you sooner

We hired Element Fusion Studios just a few weeks before our wedding as a result of being disappointed with our original photographer. From our initial discussion to the final meeting after our wedding, Ankur did everything he could to create a very comfortable experience and take the stress off our shoulders. He guided us every step of the way and ensured our very charged day was seamless. The Element Fusion Studio team really delivered beyond our expectations and we could not be happier with our choice of photographers. Thank you Element Fusion Studios for all your hard work, our only regret was not finding you sooner, prior to our e-shoot!

As featured in Today's Bride Magazine